Visit the Woodies
on WoodieHoo!

Discover the warm-hearted world of WoodieHoo – the new ad-free app for kids. Lavishly illustrated and designed with much attention to detail. But the Woodies do not only look cute, they are also connected by a very special story: once upon a time, they set sail together to look for happiness in a distant land. Far across the seas, they eventually found a pretty and hilly island called WoodieHoo – their new home!

Ever since, there has been a lot to do on WoodieHoo: flowers are planted and little mice are fed, cakes are baked and sandcastles are built.

No wonder, that the Woodies would be happy to get your help.

How about you visit them in their colourful homes? Surrounded by nature. In the middle of the ocean.

See you later! WoodieHoooooooo!

About us

We are a team of children’s book authors, editors and programmers. Together, we developed WoodieHoo – a high-quality interactive world with picturesque illustrations and funny ideas that may perhaps also put a smile on parents’ faces.

In our WoodieHoo apps, kids play at their own pace. There are neither points, rankings nor time or performance pressure. Rather, the emphasis is placed on playful discovery and trying out new things. And of course, more than anything: fun!

  • Suitable for kids

    WoodieHoo was conceptualised for kids between two and six years old and precisely adjusted to their needs and skills.

  • Fun minigames

    Each WoodieHoo app offers entertaining minigames. Kids can keep discovering little hidden surprises, even when playing the same game numerous times.

  • Ad-free environment

    There are no advertisements in the island world of WoodieHoo. In-app purchases can only be executed within a pin number-protected area for parents that is not accessible to kids.

Animal Friends

Explore the imaginative houses on WoodieHoo Island and play with Freddy, Kitty, Doody and Bonnie.

Plant flowers and tomatoes in their gardens, mow the lawn or let cheeky moles dig there. In Freddy’s tree house, funny beetles wave at you, just waiting for you to put them on the marble run and let them roll away. In Kitty’s windmill, you can decorate several cakes at the same time – with icing, whipped cream or colourful sprinkles.

There is a bathroom with a huge bathtub waiting for you in Doodys cosy lighthouse. It’s so much fun to soap Doody and to see all the soap bubbles burst.

And, quite naturally, every little house has a bedroom as well, where they can fall asleep in peace (if only it wouldn’t be so fun to let the alarm clock ring…)! Give it a go, discover and do what you want! Because on WoodieHoo, you run the show!

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Brushing Teeth

Great fun for little ones who refuse to brush their teeth

Making dental care a lot of fun: the new app “Brushing teeth” will motivate even the staunchest tooth-brushing-avoiders to grab their brushes.

Feed a Woodie of your choice with vegetables, fruit or sweets and watch his teeth get dirtier and dirtier.
Then pick one of the original toothbrushes and choose a colourful toothpaste.

Or would you rather brush your own teeth? Brilliant! The Woodies will help you with that! Just watch them closely and brush along with them. Once that is done, the party is on! The Woodies’ teeth sparkle with cleanliness, and the mice, crabs and beetles perform the craziest dances of joy.But the best thing is: now your teeth sparkle too!

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Meet the Woodies!

  • Freddy Foxwood - the helpful friend

    Freddy is a very friendly fox. He is always willing to lend anyone a listening ear, is very helpful and extremely caring. He is especially fond of the colourful beetles on the island. He tamed them with great patience, and even built a beetle marble run for them, upon which they can now happily roll around. The little fox loves the pretty, hilly island of WoodieHoo. There is only one thing... one teeny-tiny thing... which he sometimes misses: crispy fried chicken! But because Freddy often has good ideas, he knows how to find a solution. Maybe you'll find the chicken in his tree house?

  • Kitty Catwood - the overeager inventor

    Kitty would love to keep it simple. Of course, that is why things are always really complicated. The little cat likes nothing more than tinkering. But Kitty's designs rarely make anything easier. On the contrary! For example, she connected her windmill to a bicycle so that the wheel turns when she pedals - and not when the wind is blowing! Her cake decoration station has plenty of whistles and levers. Kitty alone probably knows what they are for. Like every real inventive spirit, Kitty also dreams of flying. But so far, only the kites she made herself are flying in her garden.

  • Doody Dogwood - the quiet force

    Doody has the calm demeanour of an old seafarer. He is the strongest of all, and there are very few things that upset him. He has a genuine passion for boats of all kinds and for the wide open sea. Doody can spend hours bathing in his huge washtub. It is rumoured that this is where he conjures up the most artistic hairstyles for his ponytail (however, he always puts on his knitted hat afterwards so that no one has ever laid eyes on any of his creations).

  • Bonnie Bunnywood - excited chaos

    Bonnie is the exact opposite of Doody. However small and insignificant, she gets excited about everything. It doesn't take much to make the little bunny hop around wild with joy. Or out of fear. To Bonnie, everything is always "really, really great" or "really, really terrible". Little Bonnie always acts according to the motto "talk first, think later" and is sometimes a little bit cheeky. But the others still like Bonnie, because her cheerfulness is contagious and everyone is amazed by her speed.

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